10 commandments of dating patti

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She may be able to make matches for other millionaires, but Patti Stanger's own love life remains something of a trainwreck. Keep reading to see if you're breaking any rules...

Radar Online is reporting today that Stanger's three-year relationship with David Krause is officially over. None other than celebrity gossip blogging legend Perez Hilton appeared on Bravo's The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 8 Episode 4 Thursday night.

Patti can help your marriage dreams come true with MARRIED IN A YEAR – her proven, easy-to-follow 12-month action plan for finding love.

With her expert knowledge and upbeat, no-nonsense approach, Patti will motivate and guide you through all the stages, including: Dating Detox: Take a break to focus on yourself and identify what you want out of life.

This means being a good listener and an active participant. Or are you checking your friend’s text about what she ate for dinner?

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Patti Stanger, associated with the Bravo show in the Millionaire Matchmaker, brings the service.

Patti Stanger founded the Millionaire’s Club in 2000 and she is also the Director of Great Expectations, a well known dating service.

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