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Yahoo just announced that the newest version of its free Yahoo Messenger app will be optimized for i Pad 2 video chatting, and will allow users to video chat with others using Macs, PCs, or whatever.

As long as you have the newest version of Yahoo Messenger, you'll be able to video chat cross-platform to other video-enabled devices.

Many of the structures, rules, and concepts developed by the CB simulator scene carried on into the later chat room concepts.

This included the invention of the IM, or instant message, which was sometimes referred to as a PM or personal message. Someone during this early era came up with an ad hoc rule that it was rude to IM someone without asking first in the larger chat room.

If you joined one of the channels—which would later evolve into what we know today as chat rooms—you communicated with other people by typing in CB slang with a lot of 10-4s and other dumb lingo.

People would form ersatz social networks, ganging up on interlopers or those not adhering to various policies set down by some boss within the group.

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Zero of these users were found in user-created chat-rooms. It is because our organization doesn't bother working user-created chat-rooms. It's a complicated answer that you won't find in your average story about Yahoo closing user-created rooms.You will be able to send and receive email, chat, post in the forums, blog…basically you can do whatever you want, provided you play nice and obey the Terms of Service.)Oh, and this site is just one of over 260 sites in Passions Network. ) If you’re new to Native American Passions, please review the rules for New Chat Visitors.Str8s is for straight husbands, wives, and partners, who wish to share concerns after their spouses or partners who come out as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.On the list, members provide each other support as they work out diverse ways to resolve post-disclosure issues.

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