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In 2012, we gave Obama a Full Flop when he announced his support for same-sex marriage.

Currently about three dozen states allow same-sex marriage.

"Research suggests that the women may have been more likely to label themselves as lesbians in the past and are more likely to use the bisexual label now."She praised the study but cautioned that the statistics may be somewhat misleading.

For women, for example, the report defines same-sex intimacy as "any sexual experience of any kind with another female," but same-sex intimacy for men was only defined as oral or anal sex."My research and that of others shows that people vary in what behaviors they count as sex," she said.

And almost 7 percent say they're gay or bisexual compared to 4 percent of men.

adults under age 45, new research reveals women are almost three times as likely to report same-sex intimacy as men.

But because I am often outraged by the stuff magazines throw at teens — stuff that causes them to daily, hourly, question whether they’re skinny enough, popular enough, flawless enough.

Supreme Court was poised to hear oral arguments about same-sex marriage April 28, Hillary Clinton changed her "H" logo to rainbow-colored and tweeted: "Every loving couple & family deserves to be recognized & treated equally under the law across our nation.We have plenty of other articles around a variety of issues and wellness.”Many parents were incensed.A blogger known as Activist Mommy posted a link on Facebook to a video of her burning copies of Teen Vogue that’s gotten more than 8 million reactions.And yet, at the same time, news about the high incidence of rape has reached a fever pitch — leaving students, not to mention their parents, worried about their safety. Hand-wringing over what has become known as hookup culture is nothing new, of course — the panicky-sounding term has been around for decades now.But a hookup is not always the blithe and meaningless sex with strangers that the term conjures.

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