Best and worst cities for dating adults

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(We count both young adults who have never been married and those who have been previously married as single or unmarried.) So, which large metro areas have the best “marriage market”?

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According to a new report, “The State of Metropolitan America,” by the Brookings Institute, the New York metro area has by far the largest number of African Americans — over 3 million, almost as many as Chicago and Atlanta combined.

Looking at the most recently available census data, we explored the demographics of the “marriage market” based on what women said they want in a spouse.

Nationwide, single young men outnumber their female counterparts.

We also took into consideration the percentage of black population living in the area, the number of black-owned businesses, the percentage of black college graduates and medical care.

When combined we arrived at this final ranking of the top 10 cities for African-American families.

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