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Sunday night saw Channel 5 Big Brother's viewing figures plunge to a moderate 690,000 viewers, while ITV2's Love Island’s soared to an audience of 1.5 million.According to The Sun, this is the sixth day in a row that Big Brother failed to reach 1 million viewers.Having embarked on a tryst with newcomer Mike Thalassitis, she admits in Monday's night episode of Love Island that she is torn between the footballer and Chris Hughes.The reality star had initially set her sights on the Gloucestershire lad, but their romance was cut short as Mike chose her in the latest re-coupling.Love In The Countryside will pair singletons living and working in the countryside find love with someone who has a dramatically different lifestyle.We’re thinking First Dates but with way more bales of hay instead of tables and chairs.The love lives of the country dwellers are struggling because of their reliance on the land for their livelihoods and the small, rural communities they live in.

But it saved its best material for fundamentalist religion, which, in marked contrast to much of TV, it refused to outright condemn.

Margie is coming up with new ways to convince her new BFF Ana to become her own true sister wife.

(You can keep track of the coming season through Margie’s eyes on her blog.)Barb is on her way to the doctor for tests to confirm her fear that her cancer has recurred.

big/fat/curvy girl issues, the main one being dating.

There are not many shows at all about what it's like to be a real-life curvy girl.

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