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We were each given a card on which we had to mark the name of whomever we would like to see again.

The men did the rounds while the women stayed seated (just how it should be in my opinion).

There are a few that I haven’t personally attended as most of them are quite strict about age (the majority only allowing over 25s), and there are a few that I just didn’t quite fit the bill for (you’ll see what I mean), but I’ve had a look and come to the conclusion that these are the ones to try.

I went along to Mokoko with every intention of meeting some new people and having a good time, which to my surprise – I genuinely did.

This may mean you have to leave work early to stand a chance of enjoying the candlelit museum - but it's certainly worth the hassle for this is one of the quintessential London experiences.

The extraordinary museum is an appealingly higgledy-piggledy treasure trove of artefacts - with a delight lurking in each nook and cranny.

If you like it and stick around for more than 2 meetups, then Full Membership costs only £15 for a whole year.

In just one hour, Buddenbrook House, Willy-Brandt-House, Günter Grass House and Behnhaus Drägerhaus will open theirhearts and share their whole passion withyou by presenting their most crucial exhibit.From “Scary Women” to “Commitment-Phobic” men, the narrative art of a relationship unfolds early but with no end in sight.We will have some fun transmitting polite but sexy or mysterious signals, and learning to enjoy the ambiguity that makes flirting playful.It helps us identify each other, creates a friendly community, makes people feel safe and attracts new members.It's free to join this group and come and try out our events.

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