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Su propia agencia y las páginas de noticias no confirmaban que se trataba de él, puesto que hasta ese momento sólo se revelaban capturas del vídeo.Después de este percance, no se tienen noticias del actor, pues bloqueó sus redes sociales y tanto él, así como su agencia no contestan las llamadas para dar alguna explicación o para disculparse frente a los medios.The miniseries features "Missing You," starring Ji Hye (Han Seung Yeon) and Hyun Woong (Yeon Woo Jin), "The Thirteenth Bucket List," starring Hyun Jung (Goo Hara) and Joon Moon (Kim Young Kwang), "Lilac," starring So Yeol (Kang Ji Young) and Hyun Joon (Bae Soo Bin), "A Seven-Day Summer," starring Mary (Nicole Jung) and Tae Yang (Lee Kwang Soo) and "Have You Ever Had Coffee With an Angel?" starring Sun Woo (Park Kyu Ri) and Guardian Angel (Ji Chang Wook).Min Sun-ye (Korean: 민선예, born August 12, 1989), also known as Sunye or Sun (stylized as Sun Ye), is a South Korean missionary and former singer and actress (on hiatus).

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She shared how she liked to interact with fans through social media.

I just finish this drama not so long ago....definetly LOVE it! I am really happy I get more of Hoon Hee more than I there is no denying they love each other....while Park Hoon openly love her, Jae Hee/Seung Hee was more careful with her feelings as it might put them in danger..nonetheless love him very much as I could recall she survived for him, and is willing to die for him as well as she took the bullets for him.

and wish his life happiness above hers as she would push him to Soo Hyun in order for him to live happily with being regreted over their background story.

I mean it is not uncomfortable feeling to me on how Hoon Quack shippers bash Jin Se Yeon and her character a lot.

I am not professional critic but I would say Se Yeon portraying Jae Hee/Seung hee was great and so are all the other actors and actress..

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