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Check the error console in your IDE to figure out what's specifically wrong.

Common problems are: you will see at the top of your file it says import android.r or i forget.

UPDATE: Cleaning seems to 'restore' the images on my Windows DIR to before I made the image changes.

Not sure if that helps people any in figuring out the source issue.

I had to share this problem with you 'cause I lost an entirely morning around this. Suddenly Eclipse refuses to generate and create gen folder. Well remembered I had forgotten to update the android-support-v4.jar, but the "Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Lcom/google/common/base/Function;" is still here.

I've tried all kind of solutions I came across in stackoverflow and some blogs: Checking the SDK Manager worked for me. Eclipse can't mark your files with wrong characters. Also you can check another folders with resources or something like that.

Rather than create a new resource I did the following: However, somehow despite rebuilding, the images won't update and still have the old play/pause images.

r java not updating eclipse-30

r java not updating eclipse-66

As soon as I try to add a button with find View By ID, I get the error that the field cannot be resolved. As mentioned before I tried various things, including: clean project, rebuild restart eclipse update sdk (even tough I installed the new sdk) no uppercase letters ...

EDIT: Android Manifest: I did #1, and even posted the updated file in all of the drawable DIRs even though it was originally in only one, drawable-hdpi.

The original file path hasn't changed nor has the filename, so I shouldn't need to update the manifest because there's no path/name to update.

open the "problems" window in eclipse, if there are any issues in any of the xml files, will not generate.

if there are single quotes in the xml files, they should be replaced with double quotes.

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