Transforming and validating xml type data

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However when I try to use more specific selectors like : 'root/responses' or any other variant hereof, I get no results.The XML file is validated correctly by the XSD, so I guess my data is at least somewhat correct.There aren't other means to force a validation before running an Oxygen transformation, but there's the automatic validation that is always there to flag the problems.However that does not stop the user from running the transformation on an invalid XML input.I've been fighting with this for some time now, and haven't been able to find a clear answer to this yet.As I understand correctly I can store data in an XML file, validate it using an XSD and then display the data neatly using an XSLT.You are now done with setting up your validation connector.In a real world application, you might want to store the validated data in a line-of-business (LOB) app like Sales Force.

After the resulting HTML/JS/CSS files don't work, our team receives bug tickets. Tell authors, "Don't do that."After brainstorming we hit the software, manuals, and web for answers. Hello, So, I guess what you actually want is to prevent the user from starting the transformation, if the input XML is not valid and then notify if the output is not valid.

XML documents that follow all the rules for XML syntax are said to be well-formed.

Well-formed XML documents have sufficient structure to guarantee that they can be represented as a hierarchical tree.

Using Java transformation in Infomatica Power Center 8.6 we are validating the XML. The below java classes used in the Java transformation.

Issue We are creating the XML using expression and hard coding the tags of XML. So that we need to validate after generating the XML with client provided new XSD. Version Informatica 8.6 incompatibility We don’t have user friendly validation option except session level validate property against XSD. • Schema Class ο This object represents a set of constraints that can be checked/ enforced against an XML document.

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